Inovenso started as a Spinoff of Istanbul Technical University back in 2007, founded by a team of innovative engineers, today considered a true leader of Nanotechnology solutions, with more than 500+devices around the world, and talented multidisciplinary departments and teams. The references from highly prestigious universities, such as MIT,Stanford,Cornell and worldwide companies such as 3M,Honeywell and many others, have shown that Inovenso creates right technology and services for the needs of customers. Our devices and services have become highly demanded worldwide and we have moved our international operations to Boston, MA, USA.

The IPS Syringe Pump Series provide a wide selection of pumps suitable to many applications (electrospinning, electrospraying, mass spectroscopy, microdialysis, chromatography, and LC/HPLC…).

Launched in 2017, the IPS series have been developed to enable an accurate precision infusion at a wide range of flow rates. The IPS syringe pumps offer an extremely accurate infusion, an excellent linearity, and a user-friendly interface.

Dedicated to offering quality laboratory equipment, we are proud to contribute to scientific research, and committed to supporting our customers, their satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

Being part of Inovenso, which is providing nanofibers solutions since 2010, we have developed the know-how to include it in our Syringe Pumps.

Our Values

Our customers
edication to listen and understand are critical in Inovenso’s policies to satisfy customers, and to offer innovative. Our lasting and strong relations and the trust of our customers and partners enable us to respond and collaborate fast and efficiently.

Our commitments
Inovenso’s activities always take into consideration all the key factors that grant the delivery of innovative technology to ensure efficiency and match customer needs.

Our people
e believe in our skillful and experienced team and each of us does what it takes to drive growth and innovation.

uality is the essence of our business and is the key to satisfying our customers. Each of our departments understands and respects our commitment to delivering the best quality in terms of services and goods.

Please contact sales@inovenso.com for more information.