IPS-12RS Syringe Pump

01 Design Details

IPS-series syringe pumps provides accurate and precise delivery of the desired amount of fluids, can be used in the types of applications that require smooth, non-pulsatile flow that is extremely accurate such as Electrospinning, Electrospraying, Dispensing, organ/tissue perfusion, Microfluidic applications…
The flow rate can be adjusted from the easy-to-use touch screen panel even during the process.

The model: IPS 12-RS is a programmable single channel pump that provides a wide flow rate range (0,732 µl/h –  4784,55 ml/h), the lowest flow rate can be reached using a 1ml syringe, the maximum can be reached using a 140ml syringe. This model enables saving the previous parameters and easily recall them for further operations, it also enables purging backward and forward (infusion and withdrawal).

  • 4,3 inches touch screen with clear interface
  • PLC control software
  • Up to 100 ml syringe holding capacity
  • High precise pumping
  • Adjustable flow rate even during process
  • Purging forward

02 Technical Specs

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free online dating in cork AVAILABLE SYRINGE SIZES Up to 100 ml
source site USER CONTROL TYPE 4,3 Touch Screen
http://iviti.co.uk/?vera=operazioni-binarie-demo&668=e9 operazioni binarie demo MAX. FLOW RATE 7655,27 ml/h (Monojet 140 ml)
invenstiing ltd guide binary option MIN. FLOW RATE 0,732 µl/h (BD 1 ml)
cherche femme kinshasa OPERATION CONDITIONS T: 5-40 oC, RH: <80%
iq options video DIMENSIONS W: 210mm D: 167mm H: 135mm
WEIGHT 2,5 Kgs