IPS-13R Syringe Pump

01 Design Details

IPS-series syringe pumps provides accurate and precise delivery of the desired amount of fluids, can be used in the types of applications that require smooth, non-pulsatile flow that is extremely accurate such as Electrospinning, Electrospraying, Dispensing, organ/tissue perfusion, Microfluidic applications…
The flow rate can be adjusted from the easy-to-use touch screen panel even during the process.

The model: IPS 13-R is a programmable double channel pump that provides a wide flow rate range (0,732 µl/h –  4784,55 ml/h), the lowest flow rate can be reached using a 1ml syringe, the maximum can be reached using a 140ml syringe. It can hold two syringes of different sizes; each syringe is held by its own clamp. This model enables purging backward and forward (infusion and withdrawal).

  • 4,3 inches touch screen with clear interface
  • PLC control software
  • Up to 100 ml syringe holding capacity
  • High precise pumping
  • Adjustable flow rate even during process
  • Purging forward

02 Technical Specs

source url MODEL mujeres solteras en new york IPS13R
go to site TYPE Double Channel Syringe Pump Withdrawal Function
http://camanual.com/gstr-4-offline-tool-updates/correcting-json-file-processed-with-error-using-gstr-4-offline-tool/?relatedposts=1 ADVANCE PER MICROSTEP 0,2343 µm
app iq opzioni binarie MOTOR TYPE Stepper Motor
How To Get Viagra Prescription in Arlington Texas DRIVING MODE PLC (Prog. Logic Controller)
enter site AVAILABLE SYRINGE SIZES Up to 100 ml
app azioni binarie USER CONTROL TYPE 4,3 Touch Screen
go to link MAX. FLOW RATE 7655,27 ml/h (Monojet 140 ml)
see MIN. FLOW RATE 0,732 µl/h (BD 1 ml)
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opcje binarne podręcznik DIMENSIONS W:210 mm D:310 mm H:135 mm