IPS-14R Independent Double Channel Infusion/Withdrawal Syringe Pump

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IPS 14-R is a programmable double channel pump that provides a wide flow rate range (1,17 pl/min – 75,945 ml/min), the lowest flow rate can be reached using a Hamilton 0,5 µl, the maximum can be reached using 140 ml Monoject Syringe. It can hold two syringes of different sizes, each syringe is held by its own clamp and can be independently adjusted (possibility to use different flow rate for each syringe). This model enables purging backward and forward (infusion and withdrawal).


• 2 Independent channels
• 4,3” Resistive Touch TFT LCD screen
• Microcontroller software
• User friendly interface
• High precise pumping
• Adjustable flow rate even during process

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